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All Is In The Mind!

There was a man who worked for the railroad. One day, he went into the freezer compartment to do his routine work. The door accidentally closed and he found himself trapped in the compartment. He shouted for help but no one heard him since it was midnight. He tried to break down the door but he could not. As he lay in the freezer compartment, he began to feel colder and colder. Then he began to feel weaker and weaker, and he wrote on the wall of the compartment, “I am feeling colder and colder; and I am getting weaker and weaker. I am dying, and this may be my last words”. In the morning when the other workers opened up the compartment they found him dead. The sad twist to the above story is that the freezing apparatus there had broken down a few days ago. The poor worker did not know about it and in his mind the freezing apparatus was working perfectly. He felt cold, got weaker and literally willed himself to die. Moral Our sub-conscious mind can be cheated. The sub-conscious mind can only accept and act on information passed to it by the conscious mind. It has no capacity to reject or decline any instruction or information passed to it by the conscious mind.In the case of the poor worker, he consciously thought that he was getting colder, weaker and dying and the sub-conscious mind accepted the above instructions and affected his physical body. That was how he willed himself to die.
Date: 2018-07-06

On Twitter, Truths Are Continually Trounced by Falsehoods

Thomas Jefferson was quite clear in his belief that an informed citizenry formed the very foundation of a functioning democracy. If that’s the case, then the hive mind of Twitter is an indication that our democratic foundation may be crumbling. It’s impossible engage in rational, productive discussions about the current state of affairs if people can’t sip from a mutual fount of objective truth—the sky is blue, the Earth is round. When we diverge from the truth, we can pay a high price. In 2013, for example, someone hacked the Associated Press Twitter account and falsely tweeted that Barack Obama had been injured in an explosion, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average shed 140 points and kicked off 4 minutes of panic on the trading floor. It was just another day on Twitter. While Twitter has certainly expedited the transfer of information, it’s also a den of lies where truth is continually overshadowed by the allure of falsehoods, according to a new study published in Science from researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Soroush Vosoughi, Deb Roy and Sinan Arl analyzed 126,000 stories tweeted by 3 million people more than 4.5 million times between 2006 (Twitter’s inception) and 2017. They relied on six independent fact-checking organizations to verify whether a story was true or false. They found that lies spread faster, farther, deeper and more broadly than the truth—even when they factored out the influence of the bots. We only have ourselves to blame. It may come as no surprise in the era of “fake news”, but false political stories were by far the most contagious falsehoods on the social media platform, easily outpacing false news about terrorism, science, natural disasters or urban legends. Indeed, their data showed a clear increase in the number of false political rumors between 2012 and 2016, coinciding with U.S. presidential elections, of course. Falsehoods of any kind plunged deeper into the Twittersphere, were diffused more widely and reached more people than the truth. For example, it took truth six times as long as a falsehood to reach 1,500 people. Falsehoods were also 70 percent more likely to be retweeted than the truth. So what is it, exactly, that makes lies such viral content? One might intuitively think false news spreads because it’s coming from Twitter users with more followers, or from verified, influential users. But the opposite was the case. On average, those who spread false news had significantly fewer followers and weren’t as active on Twitter. The spread of false information is also driven by human behavior, as researchers accounted for the influence of bots in their analysis. Researchers offered and tested one possible explanation: People are drawn to novelty, because new, unexpected information adds to our greater understanding of the world. When extraordinary, fantastical claims are made about an event, it’s simply boring to whip out Occam’s razor. Indeed, researchers tested this claim by assessing the novelty of certain tweets, and then analyzed the sentiment of subsequent replies. Overall, they found that false rumors inspired replies expressing greater surprise, whereas true tweets inspired replies that were generally associated with sadness. Our bitter reality is just plain boring. “Although we cannot claim that novelty causes retweets or that novelty is the only reason why false news is retweeted more often, we do find that false news is more novel and that novel information is more likely to be retweeted,” the researchers wrote. The researchers hope that their work will inspire more academics to dig into the causes and consequences of the rapid distribution of false news, and perhaps discover ways to flag or contain outright falsehoods. In the meantime, you might want to close Twitter if you’re hunting for objective reflections of reality.
Date: 2018-07-06


“Thicker than water” is the term used to describe the relationship of a sibling. A sibling relationship is potentially one of life’s most significant connections. The relationship between two siblings, which begins with the birth of the younger and can continue until a sibling dies, is often the longest lasting relationship that a person can experience. I am always baffled when I hear my friends call their siblings as brats, pests and suck-ups. In my opinion, having a sibling for your own is the best way your life can ever be designed. As far as my life is concerned, it has been designed for me to be a solo artist, so in many cases I conflict to their comments. Strong bonds between siblings can develop remarkably early in life. The emotional importance of the sibling relationship can motivate even very small children to understand their siblings extremely well. I confess, a sibling, especially a younger bro/sis can be an absolute menace in your life, but it is truly inequitable if as adults you cannot understand that they are after all “children”. Admit it! You have also been notorious in your childhood,haven’t you? It is impossible for people with such opinions about their siblings to understand the life of an only child. Bound by blood, but not always by love, a sibling can be a friend or rival, defender or detractor sometimes simultaneously! A sibling is the only relationship that accompanies, protects, secures, offends, defends, prosecutes for, and ofcourse loves you the way you are. Yes! For all the relationships you possess, parents, friends, relations, partners, a sibling is the only person who accepts and protects for who you really are! Siblings who grow up together accumulate a store of shared memories and experiences that can shape each sibling individually and establish a foundation for their lifelong relationships with each other. My innermost concerns to people who are by whatever reason, a single child in the family. Not being offensive but I’m sure we missed and is still missing the warm company of a sibling. They can most of the times be annoying but when they find you in some kind of grieve they will be the first to help you get out of it. In many ways a sibling assures to secure you from all your misfortunes, your failures and your worries. Though we solo artists are fortunate enough to get toys, clothes, candy and other comforts all for ourselves, we are not fortunate enough to get the cunning pleasure of fighting and conquering it from our siblings. It is always an indelible feeling to not have a sibling in our lives. The best way to love is to share it with our loved ones.Only with love and nobody to share it with, is deliberately brutal. It is extremely indescribable to express the gut feeling of loneliness. If not for now, in your dotage you will feel blessed for having such a blissful relationship in your life that you can never regret for. A sibling relationship can last for decades longer than the relationship between a parent and a child. Elderly siblings who have not maintained affectionate relationships with their bro/sis often identify this absence as a source of tremendous regret and loss. So don’t lose them; love them, for you are blessed!
Writer: HARIKRISHNA.J ,lV-cse
Date: 2018-07-04


The premise here is simple: The more images used in training, the better. Being thorough with this principle is important because it is the only way for training a face recognizer so it can learn the different ‘faces’ of the same person; for example: with glasses, without glasses, laughing, sad, happy, crying, with a beard, without a beard, etc. So, our training data consists of total two people with 12 images of each one. All training data is inside the folder:training-data. This folder contains one subfolder for every individual, named with the format: sLabel (e.g. s1, s2) where the label is the integer assigned to that person. For example, the subfolder called s1 means that it contains images for person 1. With that in mind, the directory structure tree for training data is as follows:
Writer: sandeep
Date: 2018-08-02

quantitative research

statistics and quantitative research methodology, a data sample is a set of data collected and/or selected from a statistical population by a defined procedure. The elements of a sample are known as sample points, sampling units or observations.
Writer: Sandeep
Date: 2018-08-04


Writer: asda
Date: 2018-09-20


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